Kicking off the popular monthly Durban Entrepreneurs club meeting that was held at the Durban Country Club recently, Founder and Chairman of the Club, Grant Gavin told members and guests that the monthly interaction amongst local entrepreneurs had seen many member businesses thrive since the inception of the club almost three years ago.  The quality of guest speakers that Grant introduced at the club over the months has seen a swell in membership.

Introducing the July Speaker, Sales Guru, Mark Keating to the over 200 members and guests present, Grant said that it was enormously gratifiying to see how well supported the event was and this was testimony to the importance of the topic – sales. Grant pointed out that in life you will have 2 types of pain – either the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. In Sales, top performers are disciplined with their habits and activities. Instant gratification is not realistic.

Mark Keating is the CEO of Sales Guru and an International speaker. His personal journey in entrepreneurship saw him right at the bottom of the pile, working as a waiter and a cleaner.  Mark explained that there should be an apprenticeship programme in sales, just as there are apprenticeships in many other professions.

Other main points taken from the talk:

*       We fall in love with a concept without thinking of the hard work.

*       What makes a sales persons competent? Mindset…positive attitude, enthusiasm, self-drive, ambition.

*       You need to have a goal to be successful in sales. The goal drives the activity.

*       Mindset, activity, skills, get results

*      Top performers don’t get stuck in negativity.

*        If you really want to achieve something you will find a way

*       Ask the question:  Have you got a minute?

Mark said that the number one way that people engaged with each other was through referrals, and these would come if the company gave a fantastic service. “Be a five-star company and give six-star service” he suggested. “He told the audience that they needed to ask themselves the question “can I improve my customers’ situation?”  “Manipulative sales pitches don’t work,” he said. “Salespeople need to take 100% responsibility  – with zero excuses. “When you take responsibility you’ll win – and the money will follow!”  He concluded.

Carla Gailey

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