Bad service experience at Audi Umhlanga


    We received a letter from local resident, Justin Wendler, regarding a car he bought and the woes he seems to have had with Audi. While it’s not normal for us to post consumer letters, this one really needs attention as it seems to have dragged in for way to long. Below is Justin’s letter….

    My fiancé and I were in the market for a new vehicle and that vehicle was to be a Audi A3. We spent many months looking for “that vehicle” and eventually we found what we were looking for. We received a phone call from Audi Umhlunga one day saying that they just got in a A3 and its exactly what we looking for. They knew what we were looking for because we had been in contact with them during our search. We went in the next day to view the vehicle and it was the “one”. It was a little more than what we had budgeted for but none the less we had to have it and so after the usual paper work etc we were approved!

    With any preowend Audi the vehicle goes for an 80 point check up and cosmetic touch ups before it is handed over to the new owner. When we first viewed the vehicle we notice some minor defects like stone chips, rims scratches, paint flacking on the front grid and the after maket body kit, which I mightadd is Audi approved, was not fitted correct. Knowing this was all to be repaired before we picked the vehicle up made it of little concern to us.

    Collection day arrived and we headed down to Audi Umlhanga only to find our vehicle was not 100% ready. We were informed that we can bring it back in a week our two to be completed. When the time arrived and we took the vehicle in to be completed we were in for a 3 weeks period of almost no comunication from Audi until collection day. We arrive at Audi Umlhanga to get the car only to find the repaired areas were now looking worse off than when we first saw them! Silicone was used as if it was body filler and not only that, the workmanship was shocking! The silicone was still wet and had been contaminated with dirt and grim. Being white silicone it didnt look so great so yet again the vehicle has to be scheduled for repairs for a second time. We take the vehicle home and return it a week or so later, and strangely during the week we had the vehicle we carried on picking up on a few more faults…minor faults but never the less faults. We decided to make a list and send it back to Audi Umlhanga.

    Another 3 weeks pass and we get a call to tell us the vehicle is ready for collection. The vehicle was in for cosmetics and a small fault on the engine but when we arive at Audi we are asked if we could return the vehicle again the next day because the work was not completed…remember this is 3 weeks later! We return the car the next day and what was meant to be an hour turned into 3 and yet again we are asked if we can return the vehicle so they can complete the cosmetics. It was the beginning of December so we arranged for it to be booked in around the first week of January so that it could be completed for cosmetics and the two buckled rims to be repaired.

    So yet again our vehicle is at Audi Umlhanga. A month has now past (thats 4 weeks!) and its still in Audi’s great hands. During this entire process we have had very little feedback from Audi, and what makes it worse is that this is a Manager we are dealing with. The service level from this department only consists of excuses and no action. In this entire joy ride a pair of okley sun glasses was stolen through all the chopping and changing of vehicles so I decided to contact Audi South Africa and the glasses were replaced. It seems that every time I contacted Audi South Africa something got done but why do I as a customer have to go to that extent to get something done?

    I have now owned this vehicle for 4 months and I’m lucky if it has been in my possession for a month. All I have heard from Audi Umlhanga is a whole lot of excuses. As a customer I am appauled at the lack of service that Audi Umlhanga have given while the service that we received from Audi SA has been nothing but first class. They have been very helpful in getting on top of Audi Umlhanga but it seems even they can’t get Audi Umlhanga to perform.

    Where to from here, one has to ask?


    1. Hi I have a problem with Audi to I had broken down 3 times in 7 months the 1st times no loan vehicle only the 3rd time so now my power steering locked up Dbn Audi.

    2. Hi there,
      i came across this article and can add that we experienced similar poor or non existent service at Umhlang Audi. my wife traded in her car which has the number ND 1 – she gave instructions and paid for the number to be transferred to her new car. She was presented with her new car with another number and promises that the transfer of ND 1 would take a week or 2. a year later we managed to get the number back – it involved contacting a dealer in Gauteng, liaising with the licensing dept in PMB and help from Mark Harris of Audi Pinetown. it cost me a year and over R20 000 to sort out and i have had to jump up the ladder to someone in Bidvest to try to recover my expenses – which i hope to get reimbersed. No one has tried to follow up on how this number slipped out of the Dealership. so they are probably still there? Regards Mat Carlisle


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