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Durban News | August 22, 2014

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SWAROVSKI, pioneering the luxury brand era for Durban!

04/08/2014 |

Durban has always been seen as the poorer cousin of Cape Town and Joburg, but when the world’s leading luxury designer brands start entering our retail space, be sure that it’s not “poor” they are going after! It has taken a while for any truly global designer brand to enter the Durban market place, citing the lack of buying power and low volumes as the main reasons for staying out. But Swarovski, together with their KZN retail partner, had the confidence to open not one, but two stores in a very short space of time. A shiny, ultra modern addition has just opened its doors at the newly renovated Pavilion (located at the old Milky Lane site). This gorgeous, Miranda Kerr (who is their brand ambassador, just FYI!) clad store showcases class and elegance synonymous with one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

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Corobrik Builds Up Social Housing in eThekwini

04/08/2014 |

Prudent sourcing and selection of building materials and fittings and fixtures has delivered Lakehaven Phase 11- a ground breaking social housing project that will definitely raise the bar in this segment of the housing arena.

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Shri Siddh Data Ashram Women’s Day Fund Raiser.

04/08/2014 |

The Shri Siddh Data Ashram Trust, South Africa, is a registered Trust, Non-Profit Organisation And Public Benefit Organisation. In pursuit of its founder and patron, His Holiness Sant Shiromani Shri Swami Sudarshanacharya  Ji Maharaj’s dictum of “ Nar seva, Narayan seva’, ‘Service … Read More

How to handle hijacking situations!

31/07/2014 |

Don’t be a victim, arm yourself with knowledge and some practical advice on preventing (and handling) a hijacking situation:

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67 Minutes for Mandela!!!

18/07/2014 |

It is the great Nelson Mandela’s birthday today and the call is out for people everywhere to celebrate his birthday by acting on the idea that each person has the power to change the world, Mandela spent 67 years making … Read More

Baby101 at the Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars

08/07/2014 |

Now in their 11th year, the Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars are back to deliver the latest parenting advice for new and soon to be parents.  The expert speaker panel will share invaluable insights and guidance for all parents embarking on this very special but sometimes challenging journey. This year’s industry professionals are Meg Faure (occupational therapist and Baby Sense co-author), Sr Ann Richardson (specialist nurse practitioner, author and parent coach), Tina Otte (midwife and special editor of Your Pregnancy magazine) and paediatrician, Dr Claudia Gray.

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