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Durban News | May 22, 2015

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Why do kids get sick so often?

22/05/2015 |

Ah yes, as a new mom I’ve discovered kids get sick all the time… and I mean ALL the time! Even my healthy, real-food-eating, raw-milk-drinking, superfood-smoothie-loving toddler has had his fair share of fevers, snotty noses, coughs, colds, infections etc … Read More

DURBAN to appetizingly end “THE GRAND WHITE DINNER” Pop UP Picnic tour at SECRET VENUE

24/04/2015 |

DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA – The exciting and unique dinner concept that has captured South African foodies over the last two years heads to Durban! Having kicked off its tour in Cape Town in February, and moved to Pretoria and Johannesburg … Read More

a’Quelle Tour Durban Exhibition and Registration

23/04/2015 |

One of Durban’s premier cycling events, a’Quelle Tour Durban, returns on 26 April. To make sure you are geared for it, SUNCOAST brings you the a’Quelle Tour Durban Exhibition and Registration from 24 to 25 April.

“The a’Quelle Tour Durban … Read More

#Project Scouted gets Durban Shoelaced!

20/04/2015 |

#Project Scouted, a project by Umhlanga-based photographer Lee Folkard, is taking the city by storm. The project, currently in its sixth phase, has garnered quite a following through the previous five installments.

The top 25 #ProjectScouted contestants hit the runway … Read More


14/04/2015 |

The first annual Coffee & Chocolate Expo was launched to media at Suncoast Casino last week.

The mega-event comes from Johannesburg, for its first show in KZN and aims to bring more than 5000 lovers of chocolate and coffee to … Read More

Statues, land grabs…what next?

13/04/2015 |

‘Land grabs’ are a part of South African history, in both pre- and post-Apartheid.

But when the ‘grabbing’ happens literally on your doorstep, it becomes a little more than just “something I saw on the news” and suddenly – it’s … Read More